Bow With Me


Thank you for visiting our site. Our journey making Bow With Me has been a fulfilling one and we'd love to tell you more about it. 

Vasili Frankos isn’t your typical music teacher. For one thing, he’s also a busker, meaning he performs on the street for tips instead of onstage for applause. And while classically trained, he throws constraints to the wind—especially when it comes to Sonny, his spunky 7-year-old charge.

Sonny is just as restless as Vasili is free-spirited, making him the perfect pupil to follow in his mentor’s footsteps. Together, the two romp through forests, playgrounds, and fields, playing music together as Sonny prepares for his very own busking debut.

Capturing this lead-up is a crew of seven student filmmakers, all from George Washington University’s Documentary Center.  Paired together by Emmy Award-winner and professor Nina Gilden Seavey, the group shared a common goal: to complete their very first short documentary in just two months.

The final product is Bow With Me, a heartwarming (and occasionally humorous) peek into busking culture and the inner world of a burgeoning musician. It portrays two characters whose love of music isn’t driven by fame or applause, but by the intimate human connection that can be forged through song.  

"What I know for sure is that music has helped me. I only hope to pay it forward." 

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